About Us

At CryptoSigns we are passionate about two things – Cryptocurrencies and Signage. Therefore the explosion of Bitcoin acceptance in the retain environment was a perfect match for us.

Our small team has over 30 combined years in the signage manufacturing industry. In this time we have gained invaluable knowledge on what type of signage displays attract and appeals to customers. We have used this knowledge to developed a range of affordable, attractive and attention grabbing Bitcoin Signs for merchants.

We pride ourselves on being a Bitcoin only business, we would like to encourage the spending of BTC to build the community and the future of money.

Our Products

Our products have been tested in the retail outlets and have been proven to attract more customers – Especially those willing  & exited to pay in Bitcoin.

We offer high quality products at an affordable rate. While we import some elements from overseas, the majority of construction is completed by hand in our factory in Melbourne Australia.

All our illuminated displays use long life LED’s which will operate without fail for over 10,000 hours, while using up to 75% less power consumption than florescent & neon tubes.

Our graphics department use high quality polymeric vinyl from Oracal, which hold a 7 year outdoor warranty, all printed graphics will have PVC overlaminate for longevity and UV protection.